Every breath I take (no, not the song by The Police, I will not be watching you) means I am connected to the universe.

Ponder this: Because argon is an inert gas, we breathe it in and out without absorbing it. When you exhale, those argon atoms re-enter the air of the room to be inhaled and exhaled by others. A year from now, those same atoms will have circulated around the entire planet, and fifteen of them will have made their way back to you to be breathed in again.

Harnessing the mindset of Start Ups: it’s all about YOU

Congratulations! You’ve started a company. You’ve built an “MVP”. You’ll no doubt gather “feedback” to “validate your hypothesis” and “test assumptions”. You’ll probably “pivot” at some point too. So, you’re across all the Lean Startup principles and you might even have an idea of the sorts of tools and knowledge you’ll need to accumulate to succeed. There is, however, one thing that will set you apart on your journey and that is the realization that this is all about YOU.

Chapter One - Henry

Henry has the usual atoms everyone supposedly has, or at least we assume they have. Think of Henry as a brick and the world as a house. Henry’s skin is like the paint on the outside of the brick. We have an idea of what makes up the brick – after all, it looks like pretty much every other brick, sans a grain of cement or two – but we are only able to pass judgment on that brick by the paint that we can see. What we can’t see (the brick itself) is a matter for conjecture. Henry is a matter for conjecture.