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How to methodically turn your intellectual currency (your ideas) into an Innovation Opportunity and Profit Model.

From the idea to prototype to a sense of creation, contribution, achievement and financial success.


Ben Flavel - Keynote Speaker

Like you, innovation expert Ben Flavel has heard all the buzzwords often attributed to discussions around building an “innovative culture”. Is innovation merely an ideas-boom, or is it the result of those ideas once they become actual things? Why is innovation so hard to do? What is the best way for employees to collaborate on innovative projects? Is there even a “best practise” everyone can aspire to?

Ben Flavel is on a mission to translate innovation. With a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Ben is currently the Innovation Manager for Geofabrics Australasia. Acting as entrepreneur, evangelist, coach, mentor, analyst, communicator and manager, Ben sees his chief function as translator; translating the different languages of marketing, sales, finance, production and executive-speak to enable ideas to evolve into real innovations.

As an entrepreneur, Ben successfully launched his tech startup into the USA (a business he started when his wife was five months pregnant) all while working with companies as an Innovation and Strategic Foresight consultant and coaching young entrepreneurs through his consulting company. Ben firmly believes that entrepreneurship and risk taking is a mindset, and that this way of thinking needs to be better applied within businesses to manage innovation and collaboration.