About Ben Flavel

Ben is an innovator and entrepreneur, currently the Innovation Manager for Geofabrics Australasia, CEO of eQueue Pty Ltd, operating in the USA under the brand CheckinLine, and owner of NeoCogs Pty Ltd.

Ben founded Living Room Floor Productions in 2002, which produced a number of “improv” nights around Melbourne, over 20 short films, comedy festival and fringe festival shows and a major production at Chapel off Chapel.

In 2006, the realisation that as fun as the Living Room Floor’s creative endeavours were, there was very little money to be made, lead Ben to enrol in the Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Swinburne University. It was also around this time that the seed for what would become CheckinLine was planted.

Lured into the consulting world as an innovation consultant in 2010, Ben adopted a philosophy of “innovation through people”, specialising in the recognition of an organisation’s human assets and harnessing creativity as a vehicle for business growth. It was also around this time that Ben became an accredited business coach, a passion that he still weaves into his life today.

In 2011, his wife 5 months pregnant with their first child and acting upon the epiphany that he was put on this earth to frame ideas that will influence the future, Ben decided that it was time he focussed on a little idea with potential, now known as CheckinLine. CheckinLine was created to replicate the physical act of “camping out” for tickets online, solving the online congestion and frustration caused when popular events go on sale.

What do you do when your wife is pregnant and you need to work 80% of your time on a startup with no foreseeable income stream? Simple. Start a consulting company so you can invest 20% of your time working with organisations willing to pay you close to 100% of your regular income.

So, 2011 delivered three babies, CheckinLine, Charlie Benjamin Flavel and an innovation consultancy called NeoCogs.

Through NeoCogs, Ben works with more than a dozen young entrepreneurs, helping them tune into the what, how and why they do what they do. Ben is also a highly sought after speaking, conveying to corporates how they can better translate innovation within their company. 

Ben enjoys golf, running, cricket, cooking, the odd drink and the Hawthorn Football Club. Oh, and Max Henry Flavel was welcomed into the world April 2015.



Remember way back before the internet, when fans could “camp out” for tickets they really wanted?

Now that showed passion, motivation & commitment!

Imagine replicating this experience for your fans online, only this time you are able to virtually walk up to each & every fan with a clipboard & ask anything you (or your sponsors) want.

Imagine creating the fairest online queuing system in the world; one that leverages, manages & monetizes demand. We did. So we built it. And we gamified it.




NeoCogs exists to ‘frame ideas that will influence the future’.

Offering coaching, mentoring and speaking services. 

More on Ben's speaking specialisations here.


Living Room Floor Productions was created on, yep, a living room floor, in Fitzroy in 2001.

Beginning with the highly successful 'Improv @ the Prov' at the iconic Provincial Hotel on Brunswick Street Fitzroy, LRF went on to produce improv nights at the Queensberry Hotel, Beaconsfield Hotel and Planet Cafe. 'The Living Room Floor' was produced as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2001.

In 2002, LRF produced 'Fishy Flavour & the 3rd Proclaimer" at The Atheneum Theatre as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and later that year 'Three Guys Naked from the Waist Down" at Chapel off Chapel.

Click here to view a library of original LRF short films.