Does the Dual Cycle exist in my business?

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Does it? Take the quiz...

• How strong is our vision? – not what’s written on the walls in the office, what is in our employees heads?

• Do we know “what we do?” – a tougher question to answer than it fist appears; “we make…x” is not “what we do”, it’s another example of “how we do it”.

• Do we constantly ask “how else can we do what we do?” – see above.

• Do we encourage questions? – and what happens when someone disagrees with upper management decisions?

• Do we challenge our core competencies? – and do we really know what these are?

• Are we willing to change the way we do things? – easy to say “we do”, but what if it affected profits in the short term?

• Do we continually draw in information to better understand the future of our industry? – how good are we at ‘metascanning’ (and do we know what ‘metascanning’ is)?

• What happens when things fail? – is this seen as a negative, or do we live by the famous Thomas Edison adage that we “haven’t failed. (We’ve) just found ten thousand ways that do not work”?

I might have something poignant to say, so read on...

What can we do to create a Dual Cycle Culture?