I might have something poignant to say, so read on...


Why a blog? Did you know the average blog is read by about six people? I didn't until recently. That means there is a good chance that this blog will be read by no-one (just doing the math here), so why is NeoCogs (my alter ego) starting a blog?

I have a theory; that we are all on this earth to contribute one significant "thing". It might be a product, a company, a family or a significant thought (an epiphany, if you will). My significant "thing" might be this theory...but I doubt that. One thought each, is that too much to ask?

Some will meander through life contributing nothing (just doing the math here) and others, like Steve Jobs, might leave a "ding" in the universe. I will try focusing on innovation, foresight, start-ups (I have three: NeoCogs, eQueue and a nine month old boy called Charlie) and semi-intelligent musings deciphering how all of this connects with life in general.

So, this blog is my search for the one significant, poignant, earth shattering "thing" I might contribute to this world. Until that happens, you may be faced with some meaningless waffle. I promise to at least make the whole journey entertaining, if you'll let me.

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