The best innovation videos of all time #1

A large part of the NeoCogs business is facilitating workshops for clients. After all, ideas and innovation is the passion that drives NeoCogs and what better way to exercise that than through group think tanks and strategic discussions. Every workshop contains a mix of learning mediums and Audio Visual is one of the best. For this reason, I have quite a collection of videos, YouTube clips, TED talks and more. Every now and then, I will share one of these through this blog. I hope you find these as interesting as I do. These aren't ranked, as such, they are all useful for their own reasons. Bookmark your favourites, share them with your team, or just watch, learn and be inspired.

To kick things off, Simon Sinek in a TEDx talk from 2009 - focussing on how innovators think and why "why" is the most important question to answer. Enjoy.

Copy the Greeks...from 2000 years ago. How to "steal" strategic models for your organisation.

I might have something poignant to say, so read on...