Blog like nobody's reading (a.k.a. 'it's been a while')

It really has been a while, although it never seems like it in the moment. On the off chance that anyone actually reads this blog (and the alternative to that is that this blog is just for me, which is OK too. In fact, if this blog is just for me, I can probably ramble on and on for my own amusement. Not caring who is reading kind of frees things up, don"t you think? Sort of like "blog like nobody"s reading". Hey, that"s not a bad title for this blog post. I think I"ll change it. Probably also need a closed bracket about now).

That was some opening paragraph. Believe me, I did have a point when I began this blog post; something to do with time. How we can"t control it, force it, or take it back (like I am sure you wish you could take back the time it has taken you to read up to this point of the blog post).

This year has been a big one. As many of you know (I say "you", but I still have no idea if anyone is actually reading this. I"ll stop this tangent before it begins I think. Hang on, stating that I am stopping this tangent is a tangent in it"s own right. And here we are. I think I"ll start this sentence again). As many of you know, I am also the co-founder of a start-up called eQueue (a.k.a. CheckinLine). This year has seen CheckinLine secure beta clients both here (Hawthorn FC and St Kilda FC) and in the US (Arizona State University). It"s taken 6 weeks of travel and hours of planning and strategising in 4 different time zones. But, for every hour of actual work, I estimate there have been two hours of anxiously trying to control how all of this unfolds. And why shouldn"t everyone live in my bubble of time?

It seems everyone"s concept of time differs from mine. And yours.

And here is my point; a word of advice for myself (assuming nobody is reading). You can"t control time and even if you could, you would only be affecting your own perception of time, not everyone else"s. The more you try and control when things will happen, the more things seem to become disjointed. All you are doing is restricting your own perception of time and its natural ability to sync in with the universe. If you let go and learn to move with the rhythms of time, things always seem to work out. All in "good" time.

NB: The revelation unveiled, rather clumsily, in the above blog post was probably most eloquently described in the opening to the television show Different Strokes:

"The world don"t move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, might not be right for some".

If that doesn't make you think about what else we can learn from 80's television shows, then you are either under 20 years of age, or not reading this post.

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It's your path, so don't fuck it up! (but if you do, that's OK too)

It's your path, so don't fuck it up! (but if you do, that's OK too)