The best innovation videos of all time #7

Ray Kurzweil has something to say. And it"s always something interesting. I saw him speak at a conference a couple of years ago and it inspired me to write . I love Ray Kurzweil; he invented the first Flat-bed scanner, the text-to-speech synthesizer (without it, you wouldn't have heard from Steven Hawking, or more importantly, Siri) and he lead the team that mapped DNA, among many many other inventions. And that"s not all. Ray Kurzweil also came up with an idea of the future called "The Singularity"; a prediction that one day, around 2045, human and artificial intelligence will merge.

The thing I love about futures thinking is that you don"t need to be right, you just need to evoke a reaction from the present. Those feelings then affect the future, intentional or not.

The brain of Ray Kurzweil is one to behold. Perhaps we should clone it.

5 rules I now live by

5 rules I now live by

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