Universal Change

Universal Change

Is it right to feel liberated when the rug gets pulled from under you? It’s easy to get disheartened by sudden changes, especially when the timing seems a bit strange. Then again, perhaps this is just the Universe saying “no, you were not synchronised with your soul and we need to shake things up to get back on track”.

Let me tell you a story of Universal Change that would be pretty hard to believe if I didn’t have photographic evidence...

It was 2014 and I was at a difficult point in my life and needed to make some big decisions about the business, so my wife suggested I seek the guidance of a tarot card reader she knew. I was a bit sceptical, but intrigued, so I went along for my first ever tarot card reading.

During the reading, the taro card reader paused and said “I just need to draw you something”.

“Ok…” I said.

“This happens sometimes, where I receive a vision and have to sketch it down on paper before I can continue”

“Ok…” I repeated.

She then sketched something on the back of a scrap piece of paper, with a blue ball point pen. It wasn’t remarkable in any way and when she asked me if it meant anything, I said no.

“Still, hang on to it. It might make sense in the future”, she said.

I quickly forgot about the sketch on the back of the scrap piece of paper.

Some twelve or so months later, it was my birthday and I was playing golf. I love golf and enjoy playing by myself. 

I was rounding the 6th hole, having just stuck a little lob wedge to within 6 inches of the hole. A rare occurrence, it was 7:30 in the morning and there was absolutely no one around to witness it. 

As I walked up to the 7th tee, under a tree a few feet off the path, a glint of something grabbed my attention. It was something shiny, gold. I walked over to it and picked it up. It was a gold necklace with a crucifix. It looked like a necklace someone would miss if they wore it, as you’d really have to want to wear this particular necklace.

At the completion of my round, I asked the pro shop if anyone had reported a missing necklace. Must admit, I was hesitant to do so, as I had a feeling this thing was worth a bit of money, but you know, karma and all. No one had reported it missing. I left my details and told them to pass it on if anyone does ask about it.

When I got home, I showed my wife the necklace and then placed it in a pot we have on the side table, where we put all sorts of loose crap. I figured I’d keep it for a couple of weeks and then if nobody calls me, see how much it’s worth. We had a BBQ that weekend and I was telling my friends about the necklace. I grabbed the necklace from the pot and a folded up piece of paper fell out. I had no idea what it was, so I opened it up and realised it was the sketch the taro card reader had drawn a year earlier.

I could describe the drawing, but this is the photographic evidence I was talking about:

Doesn't this blow your fucking mind?

Doesn't this blow your fucking mind?

The necklace was waiting for me to discover it. Not for one year, for what is time? It merely took me a year to find it.

This is how I have processed this episode. The universe guides us to our treasure. It is our “higher self” and coincidences are merely signs that we should pay attention to. I had been thinking that I was in this alone and that everything in my life was completely up to me, but the finding of this necklace was a sign that my ideal future exists and it exists now. Time is relative and in actual fact, everything is happening at the same time, it’s just that our conscious self experiences things in what we believe to be a chronological order. I should trust in the universe and allow my higher self to guide me along the path to my treasure, my core purpose, my dharma.

I cashed in the necklace some 4 months after I found it. I received $1200 and a bag of crystals from the guy who runs the jeweller/pawn/crystal shop. Seemed like an odd combination for a shop, but felt right the moment I walked through the doorway.

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